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William Morris was a nineteenth century artist and writer. His work, in contribution towards the revival of traditional British textile arts, largely consists of floral and organic design, with a large nod towards the Romantic movement in reaction towards the industrial revolution of the time.

In the ‘William Morris Range’, Junk Montague uses Morris’ artwork for guitar restoration and production. Luthiers and Morris are hitherto not been commonly linked, although cigar box guitars and diddley bows were often used and made by the black American poor at the times when Morris lived and worked across the Atlantic ocean.

If you have a pre-existing guitar which you would like William-Morris-ified, please fill in the form at and we can send through a quote.

Tulip and Willow – 4 String Cigar Box Guitar

Available to buy here or email to order.

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ON SALE: Willam Morris ‘Blues from Nowhere’ 3/4 Scale Acoustic Guitar

Hello all, Hope you’re good. I am happy to let you know that another item has been added to the William Morris range: the ‘Blues from Nowhere’ acoustic guitar! It has a 3/4 scale length making it great for kids and/or taking around town easily, so you can spice up any park hang out, camping […]

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‘Blossom Blue’ – 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

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FOR SALE: ‘Autumn Antique’ – Resonator Cigar Box Guitar

Hello all, I hope you’re good! We are happy to announce that the Autumn Antique cigar box guitar is now on sale. Please visit our Junk Shop, or purchase the item here. If you wish for any customisation, please request so via our contact page. The item comes with a free guitar slide. Love and […]

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‘Padre ’46’ Cigar Box Guitar

Introducing the Padre ’46! A four string cigar box guitar by Junk Montague. The Padre ’46 is made of a Habanos cigar box, French polished, with a six string pick up, William Morris artwork decoration and an electric guitar adjustable bridge. The neck is made of mahogany with plastic inlays. The headstock is complimented by […]

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